Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Birthday In Heaven!

Happy 43rd Birthday to my beautiful angel in Heaven!
Growing up I never imagined my Mom not getting to be a Grandmother to my children. I remember thinking about what they would call her and how much she would spoil them. But I never saw her not being here.

So far I have only had one real breakdown about it and that was the night we were discussing who we wanted to tell right away. Without even thinking I mentioned her name and quickly remembered I would never have that chance. But someone left a comment on our facebook announcement yesterday (I know it is early but the Dr. said I could!) that said "I am sure your Momma hand picked this baby with Jesus." And I cannot stop imagining that. Although my child will never know her on Earth I have to believe that she knew "it" even before I did!
I miss her every minute and there are 100 things a day I wish I could tell/ask her. But I am so very thankful that she taught me exactly what a Mother should be. I will do my very best to raise this child as she raised my sister and me.
Today I can hear her singing her special birthday song, "I say it's your birthday.. nah nah nah nah nah.. I say it's my birthday tooo!" and I can't help but smile.
"With all my heart(s) forever!"


  1. Happy Birthday pretty lady looking down on all of us - especially you. I believe she too knew before anyone else did! xo Lindsey

  2. I am sure your mama is looking down on your and your little baby! Congratulations!!! :)

  3. Oh what a sweet & TRUE comment that was!!

    1. Thank you, it really has put a great perspective on it for me!

  4. What an incredibly sweet sentiment that was! I think you will find your mama shining through you on this journey <3

  5. Love this post :) She's definitely looking down on you every day.