Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oh Hi, Whats Up?

I am not sure if anyone is left to read this but if for some reason you decided to click over here today, Hi! I know I have said this in every one of my sporadic posts but I REALLY do miss blogging. Aside from that fact that I have no time, we also don't have WiFi at home so the only time I have a chance to blog is if I have a break at work. Anyway, I saw this link up on Miranda's page and thought it would be a fun catch-up post since I have a few minutes today!
Linking up for What's Up Wednesday
Eating.. I have actually cooked this week, shocker! Monday night I made one of my favorite recipes One Pan Balsamic Chicken & Veggies. Paul was working late plus he doesn't really care for this (veggies are not his jam) but he was working late so I made it for me and Nora then saved the rest for my lunches this week. Last night Paul had nachos, Nora had a quesadilla and I tried this Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowl recipe, it was DELICIOUS. I have never tried the whole spaghetti squash thing but after this I am all for it! The picture isn't so pretty but I promise it was delicious and super filling (I only ate half the squash and put the rest up for tonights supper). Also Quakers, Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal is!


Reminiscing.. about how BEAUTIFUL my little sisters wedding was a couple of weekends ago! I realize my last post I was just announcing her engagement and now she is an old married woman! The wedding was so beautiful and intimate and after two weekends or torrential rain we were blessed with the most beautiful Fall day! I bawled like a little baby as she came down the aisle, I practically raised my sister and seeing her being all grown, marrying the man of her dreams was overwhelmingly exciting!

Loving.. this stage in Nora's life! 16 months has been SO much fun, she has the best personality. She is talking so much, mocking everything we do/say, dancing, running around and just being really awesome! I love watching her learn new things, her slobbery kisses and "wuh you"(love you) are the BEST ever!

We've been up to.. well since my last post we moved! We are now back in my hometown and it is just as incredible as I thought it would be. It is amazing being so close to my family, reconnecting with old friends and living the small town life! I do miss being so close to Lauren, Cody and Target but we still get to see our besties quite a bit and my bank account thanks me for the few & far between Target trips!
 I have known these girls most of my life!
and now our babies get to grow up together!
Dreading.. the leaves falling! The mountains are SO beautiful at home right now, I just wish they looked like that all year round!


Working on.. wedding pictures from the wedding Lauren & I photographed last month! It was such a beautiful wedding and Lauren was SUCH a trooper running around with me being all adorably pregnant! We took over 3000 pictures so the editing process is taking quite a while!
Excited about.. speaking of Lauren! I am BEYOND excited about that beautiful baby girl she is growing in that tummy! Having my own daughter makes me 520% more excited that her & Cody get to experience all of this! They are going to be the best parents and Lauren is seriously the most STUNNING pregnant woman I have ever seen. She literally glows! I love that little family so much and cannot wait to meet sweet Harper or "Harpie" as Nora calls her! P.S. they will be the cutest baby besties ever!

Watching/reading.. we don't have a TV service yet either at the new house so we have been watching The OC on dvd. It is overly dramatic, addicting and I love it. Reading pretty much consists of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Nora's favorite farm animal pop up book. I love how much she loves to read. She will lay down on the floor with a book and "read" all by herself. It is adorable!
Listening to.. my music is always a completely random mix but a reoccurring favorite the past few months has been a local guy that I know very well. He is a friend of my sister's and ever since she showed me a video of him singing in highschool I have been a fan. Well he finally put out an album (a for real album) this summer and it is phenomenal. Seriously you should check it out!
Wearing.. Per usual I don't have any Pinterest worthy outfit pics but I am loving cardigans and blanket scarves.On the other hand, if you ever see my kid she is dressed too cute for words! Let me just tell you baby sized scarves and cowboy boots are pretty much the cutest things you will ever see!

This weekend.. Trick or Treating of course! Or whatever the 16 month old version of that is.. Nora loves people so we should be able to convince her to walk up to at least one door but I don't see it lasting too long. She is dressing up as Boo from Monsters Inc. I had every intention of going all out and making the little purple monster costume but with all the wedding craziness and life craziness she will most likely end up in a pink shirt, purple leggings and pigtails. Don't judge, I promise she could care less.
Throwback to my itty bitty last Halloween!
Next month.. Thanksgiving. Because food, duh. Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday, the food, family time, weather, food, it is all amazing!
What else is new.. hmm.. I have developed a new love for yoga! When we moved  back I started working out with one of my friends who is a personal trainer and also teaches power yoga. I have been going to classes for the last few months and I love it so much, such a great workout and you get to lay out on your mat for 2 minutes at the end of class with a cool lavender towel at the end, its the best part.

Well that turned out a lot longer than I expected! If you are still reading, bless you! Hopefully I can get back to blogging every now and then!


  1. The wedding looks beyond beautiful!!!

  2. Beautiful photos! Happy Friday ♥♥

  3. Um, can I request more blog posts!? As I was searching for your birth story, I realized you blogged a month ago! I miss reading so much! And I loooove all your sweet words! You're the best best friend ever. :) So many exciting things going on in your life, and I could not be happier for you guys! I love y'all!