Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Late Night Confessions...

 Hey y'all! I decided to knock the cobwebs off the ol blog for an edition of late night confessions! I've never really done one of these but since I can never seem to focus my attention on one thing for a post I figured I would just throw it all together in one. So if there is anyone left to read this (Hi!), here we go..
I confess.. 
I miss blogging terribly. I never wanted to let this little space go but it just sorta happened. Since I work full time I spend every spare second with my sweet girl and when she is sleeping it is time for chores and hubby time. So at least my time is well spent!
 I have always dreamed of an all white bed. I have NO clue how you ladies do it, I gave it a shot when we first got married but no matter how clean everyone in the bed is that junk still doesn't stay pretty white!
Since I have been MIA in blogland my little sister got ENGAGED!! She ended a 5 year relationship not long ago (which I was very thankful for, great guy just not the one for her) and much to all of our (including her) surprise discovered the love of her life was someone who has been a dear friend her whole life! Anyone who knows me personally or has been around here for any length of time knows that my sister is practically my child. Since our Mom passed, in so many ways, I embraced her role in my sisters life. Not ever trying to take her place but always looking out for her and trying to instill in her everything that our Mom had instilled in me. Every milestone in her life has felt monumental to me and this was no exception. Even though I have trouble letting her be a grown up at times, I am so truly proud of the woman she has grown into just in the past 6 months. I am so happy for her and Dwayne and I can't wait to see what God has in store for their journey!
This kind of goes without saying but I am totally and completely obsessed with the most perfect little girl! Motherhood is a whole new kind of love!

I always heard you will love your husband more once you see him as a father. Truer words have never been spoken. Paul amazes me every day, seeing him with her fills my heart so much it could bust. The love I have for those two is the  can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over- the-fence, World Series kind of stuff!! (movie reference anyone?)

This one is kind of big. A big change may be coming for our little family! As of now we are looking for a place in my hometown! Where I am from is a small town in the North GA Mountains which is only about an hour away from where we live now. I have always envisioned raising my family there, there is such a sense of community and security, I just feel complete being there. The main reason we haven't made the move sooner was the distance from our jobs. But after lots of prayer and discussion we have decided to look for a place to rent, give it a shot and see how it works out! I am very much a planner when it comes to these types of things but I am trying my very best to put it in Gods hands and let His will be done!

My 8 month old is still sleeping in her pack & play in our room. I never intended on her being there past 6 weeks but her room is upstairs and I just can't bring myself to put a whole floor between us. Sorry not sorry. #thatmom 

I tried on my bikini from last summer. Yikes. I've lost all my baby weight but I still need to lose the ten I gained pre pregnancy. My problem is I am not one of you super women whose body bounced back to its 17 year old self right after having a baby. No, I have this odd shaped, weird squishy belly and stretch marks from mid belly to mid thigh (you're welcome for the visual). So getting in a bathing suit is going to be hard for me this go round but it's happening because after a year without it mama needs the sun!
I got sucked in to the dang Bachelor
Again.. Totally team Becca, Whitney is obnoxious ..

I am freakishly excited for Easter and family coordinated outfits! Nora already has two Easter dress contenders lol

Well I had better wrap this ramble session up! If anyone reads this nonsense, I love ya!


  1. So happy to read some of what you've been up to. I am always following along on instagram but love reading your updates too! And your little girl is pretty much the cutest thing ever . . . I can see why you don't want to put a floor between you!

  2. Heyyyyyy! Glad to see you on here! :) Love the pictures of her!! Aww congrats to your sister!! Crazy how things work out!

    1. Hey girl! I know, I really want to make an effort to at least make an appearance once in a while lol. Thank you! It really is crazy!

  3. Nora is absolutely adorable! Good luck with the move!

  4. We all miss you!! But priorities.... the blog and your readers will always be here when you have the time! It's really not even fair how quickly our babes grow and the time is limited at home with family, so good for you for taking advantage!!
    Ugh. The new mom body takes so long to adjust to! Just remember! It took 10 months to grow that precious girl... so give yourself some grace! I hit working out reallllllly hard to get my stomach back in shape. Lots of running.
    I love Becca, too! Whitney's voice is..... like nails on a chalkboard? ha!
    Soooooo exciting about moving back to your hometown! I hope everything works out!

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