Friday, November 7, 2014

Five On Friday!

Happy Friday folks! It looks like these are the only posts in ever going to get around to doing. So here is a quick catch up version of Five On Friday! Make sure to link up with Darci, April, Christina and Natasha to share what's on your mind today! 

1: I had every intention of doing a Halloween post but like everything else to do with blogging lately, I haven't had time. Nora was a "poodle skirt girl" (idk what else to call it). My mom ALWAYS handmade our costumes and it's something I hope to do with our kids. So I went with something easy the first year until I figure out my sewing machine, daddy even helped with the cutting! She had a "N" that I was supposed to sew on to her sweater but I lost it. Oh well!

2: more picture overload.. I got our sneak peek back from our fall session last night! Remember last year when we did the "our little pumpkin" announcement well one year later here is us and our "little pumpkin"! And yes her shirt even says little pumpkin!

3: teething.. Nora has had 4 little teeth buds for a couple weeks now. Well during her Santa session I noticed she was abnormally fussy and even more drooly than usual. So later I felt her gums and sure enough one of her teeth broke through. I can't even explain why this made me sad but it did. Time is just flying! So any teething advice is welcome! We have Sophie, freezer teethers and baby orajel which are all working pretty good for now. Any truth to the amber teething necklaces?

Rocking this whole teething thing with a big smile and a little drool!

4: It's no secret that I love food. I will try just about anything once and I love getting creative with cooking. My husband however is 4 years old when it comes to food. He likes meat, cheese and potatoes. Nothing green, nothing fancy, just keep it simple. So I am running out of things to cook and it's driving me crazy. A girl can only eat the same thing so many times! So any picky man/kid approved recipes are welcome and very much needed! 

5:Tuesday nora had pictures taken with Santa! I know it's early but the photographer that did her newborn pictures offers beautiful Santa/Christmas minis every year so I chose to do those rather than just going to see a mall Santa. I am so glad we did because look at these! So in love! 
No worries I'm not ready to jump fully on the Christmas train just yet but these were just too delicious not to share! 

Have a great weekend friends!! 



  1. love her little costume! You could dress little Nora up in a brown paper bag and she'd still be freaking adorable. I can't get over her big eyes! LOVEEE

    Her Santa pictures are perfect. You're so lucky she didn't have a meltdown! But then again, I sort of like our pictures with Austin screaming bloody murder ;)

  2. I love that you have the "my little pumpkin" pictured from last year and this year. What a fun keepsake!

  3. Oh Nora is so cute, and that poodle skirt costume is adorable! And FOUR teeth?!?! Crazy! Stopped by from the link up, cute site!

  4. Gimme that baby doll!! She is SO PRECIOUS! And her eyes!! Melt me!
    She was the cutest little poodle skirt girl!
    LOVE your Fall pictures and comparing to last years! So darn cute! It's so exciting to announce the best news ever, but way better to actually have her in your arms for pictures, HA!
    Dying over #4! Men are so stubborn! I just finally started cooking a bunch of different stuff and told Eric if he didn't like it, he can cook for the family instead! He still complains every once in awhile but he's actually starting to branch out now! One good meal that men always seem to love- beef strogonaff (or however you spell it!)
    Oh her pictures with Santa! So precious!!